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Star Wars and whisk(e)y! I am a certified whisky ambassador, executive bourbon steward, and enthusiast from Port Perry, Ontario, Canada. I enjoy opening, tasting and reviewing as many different whiskies opening the door to enjoy the personal connections that only whisky can.

WhiskeySith aka Darryl Holtby

Let’s grab a dram together and enjoy some of the best whisky in Canada.

From Scotch to Bourbon, Indian to Japanese, to my home country’s Canadian Whisky, I’m connecting with whisky novices to whisky enthusiasts. Participating in our growing whisky theme, I’ve become a trusted voice through honesty and integrity.

FABLE Whisky – The Ghost Piper of Clanyard Bay

1:00 duration

Eau Claire Distillery - Batch 006 - Single Malt WhiskyCanadian WhiskySingle Malt
February 2, 2023

Eau Claire Distillery – Single Malt Whisky Batch 006

Eau Claire Distillery, loves tradition, terroir in whisky and takes advantage of aged in the foothills of the…
Found North Whisky - Season 1 | Barrel 1Rye Whisky
January 10, 2023

Found North Whisky Single Barrel 001 | Season 001

Meet Found North Whisky Canada. The Canadian Whisky not available to the Canadian buyer. Time for this Canadian…
Grainhenge Arrowwood Rye WhiskyCanadian WhiskyRye Whisky
January 3, 2023

Grainhenge Arrowwood Rye Whisky

Grainhenge Whisky, an up and coming Canadian distillery releases it's first rye whisky. Find out my thoughts.