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Single Malt

Limited Edition

Cask Strength

Grain Henge’s approach to whisky is rooted in curiousity, and the exploration of flavour through small batch experiments that mix traditional methods with a spin on different elements, and innovative ingredients that are not commonly used in the whisky space.

Much like an ancient henge, shrouded in mystery

When Grain Henge reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try a sample of their inaugural release, Meeting Creek, single malt whisky. I immediately said yes. I just had to try this. It’s not often a new distillery is brave enough to release their first batch of whisky as a limited 450 bottle run, add to that cask strength and a unique mash bill, it would either be absolutely delicious, or would come across to young with to much going on.

Located in Alberta gives them the opportunity to not have to age whisky as long in the dry climate, but it also mean you can quickly overage as well. The mashbill is 2-row, amber, crystal, brown and chocolate malts then aged for 40 months in #2 and #4 charred New American Oak barrels, and bottled at 56.7% ABV (113.4 proof).

Time to dive in and see how this unfolds.

The Review

The Sniff

Oh we’re on to something here with vanilla, oak and dark chocolate. It is so inviting on the nose at 56.7%. I really was expecting ethanol for a young whisky. Very approachable.

The Sip

Up front it is all oak for me. This leads into a mellower mix of flavours: caramel, coffee, chocolate, almond and vanilla. They all blend together perfectly, not one over powering the other.

The Finale

A beautiful oak spice, mixed with fresh cut hay. This molds into a sweet lingering notes of graham crackers and chocolate.

The Wrap-up

I never know what to expect when I try a younger whisky, will it be uninviting, harsh, unfinished and rushed to market? I’m happy to say that this is not true for Grain Henge’s first batch – Meeting Creek. The sample I was sent had me returning, tapping the bottle to get the last drops out. If this is a small indication of what is to come from them with future releases, they are going to be even harder to get your hands on.


The sample used for this review was provided to me at no cost courtesy of its respective company. Thank you for allowing me to review it with no strings attached.